Our work



The Community Success Institute exists to build communities of trust using design practices that are not only human-centered, but also humanity centered.

Our work:


The Community Success Institute is building software that spans the circles of support serving students inside and outside of schools--these tools help communities assess needs, identify gaps, compile resources, and connect students. families, schools, providers, and community members.

Process Toolkits

We are building process toolkits to capture repeatable processes so that communities can learn from documented cases with real-world applications. These toolkits will empower communities to more effectively implement their own communities of trust, and include stress-tested processes, protocols, practices to ensure they increase equity and access.


The Community Success Institute conducts and publishes research related to the development of communities of trust in education to promote student success in at-risk communities. Some areas of exploration include: trust frameworks, social distance, data sharing agreements, education governance, accountability, and design for social innovation.