Community Success Institute

Our Mission

Building Communities of Trust

Helping communities, schools and families support learners. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve educational outcomes for students living in at-risk and underserved
communities in the United States.

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Formally launched the Institute.



First Fellow

Selected Institute's first fellow.



Position Paper

Draft of Institute's position paper.


Our Work

The Community Success Institute:

  • Creates and provides software, processes, and tools to help at-risk communities establish educational communities of trust

  • Conducts and publishes research related to the development of communities of trust in education

  • Identifies and trains fellows who conduct research and provide hands-on support to schools and communities in need

  • Advocates for the development of communities of trust in education



We are engaged in a multi-year research and advocacy project in an effort to promote and facilitate the creation of communities of trust in education. 



The institute is developing software tools in three areas that are key to developing and implementing communities of trust in education:

  • Student and family needs assessment

  • Database of social, emotional, wellness and other service providers

  • Informed consent


Fellowship Program

Under the direction of Community Success Institute staff, current and recent post-graduate students in design and public policy are sponsored by the institute to add capacity to schools and organizations in underserved communities.